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Dog Photography Sessions 

There are currently 3 types of sessions available. If you saw a flyer for a local photo session check out the Dog Park Sessions package. Bring treats for your dog and a collar that you like. Leashes will be kept on your dog but edited out of the photos. Pictures come in digital form by an emailed Google Drive link. 


Standard Session

  • ~1 hour session

  • 1 dog and 2 owners (pet parents have the option to be in the photos or not.)

  • 15-20 pictures to select your favorites from.

  • Location of your choice within Bend or Redmond.

  • $150 per session

  • Add $50 per additional dog. 

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Travel Session

  • If you have a location in mind that you would like to get your dogs picture, message me and we can set it up. 

  • Session is the same as standard photo session except with additional travel fee, depending on location outside of Bend and Redmond. 

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Dog Park Session

  • You may have seen a flyer at a dog park or some local location. 

  • These sessions will be at one predetermined location and short (~30 min).

  • Only 1 dog per session.

  • I will be there for a certain period of time and people can schedule to be there or just show up within the time period at the location listed on the flyer.

  • These sessions will produce ~ 5 -7 pictures.

  • Each session is $75

  • Check below for information on upcoming Dog Park Sessions. 

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